Hi! I'm Meghan.
I love a good party. I believe that decorations make even the smallest of events more memorable and that something as simple as table spread or a banner can change the mood of a room.  I also believe that having fun and destroying the planet do not have to go hand in hand, which is why I started Missy Bocu in 2019. I saw a need for environmentally conscious party decor that wasn't made of plastic, was recyclable and/or biodegradable, and was made with good Earthly intentions.
My products are paper, cotton string, and biodegradable tape; packaged in compostable bags. Scrap paper is 100% recycled. I work out of my home studio on a little two acre plot in Michigan. We have an organic garden out back, mostly tended by my husband, Dan, and patrolled by our pup, Charlie. 
Every product is created with the intention to make the smallest impact on the environment. My goal is simple: less plastic-made in a factory far away, more paper-based made at a small biz in the United States. I put love into everything I ship out and getting to play a small part in my customers’ special events and memories is a tremendous honor.   
Please reach out with questions, comments, to tell me your favorite dead show, or just to say hey. 
Love & Happiness, 
P.S. flowers are natures best decoration :)