How to: Throw the Ultimate Quarantine Party

It seems as though social distancing will be a mainstay in our lives for some time to come. But just because we can't party in person, doesn't mean we can't party at all. Here are some tips and tricks for making your quarantine party memorable and fun. 


As we've seen through social media, the car parade is growing to be one of the most popular ways to celebrate a birthday. Dan and I have been to two, so as an experienced car parader I've picked up on a few things. 

Making a Facebook event or creating a text chain is an easy way to update your guests. Choose a lead car. Tell guests where to line up and who to line up behind. As with any party or event, organization is key. 

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Ask guests to decorate their cars or to make signs. Without decorations, is it even a parade? I love the Creative Heart Studio car party hat. See above for a link to purchase the template.

An important and often over-looked word of advice: be mindful of your neighbors. If you anticipate a rowdy, horn-honking 20 car line-up, give your neighbors a heads up. We're all in this together. Heck, maybe they would even like to participate. 

At one of the parades we attended, a "parade route" was mapped out by the host. The parade ended in a parking lot where the cars circled and friends enjoyed socially distanced cupcakes while celebrating the birthday girl.  It was great to see everyones face, even if it was across the parking lot. 


Perhaps the easiest and most convenient way to party is the video chat. You don't have to put on pants, you don't have to leave the couch, and you can change your background to anything your heart desires. 

Send out invitations- digitally or through the mail (Save the USPS!). Include a signature drink recipe or a theme for the party. 

As always, decorations make parties more memorable. E-mail guests the same virtual background to put up so that it feels like you're all together. If you're feeling really festive, mail guests matching decorations. You'd be surprised at how simply hanging a banner can get you in the party mood. 

Zoom GIF

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